Activity bias for selected (ATKIS) Land use categories (DE)

Actvity bias for selected (ATKIS) Land use categories (DE)

Intersection of 30M Social Media Posts with Land Use Categories

Activities are defined parametric by sets of terms and emoji:

topics['hiking'] = ('hike', 'hiking', 'wandern', 'wanderung', 'wanderer', 'wanderweg', 'wanderroute', '🥾') # optional: 🚶 (person walking)
# biking, this is a very specific ativity
topics['biking'] = ('bike', 'biking', 'bicycle', 'cycling', 'fahrrad', 'velo', '🚲', '🚴')
# just plain walking
topics['walking'] = ('walk', 'walking', 'spazieren', 'stroll', 'fußweg', 'spazierweg', 'spaziergang') # optional: 🚶 (person walking)
# broad category with a bias towards jogging
topics['sport']  = ('sport', 'jogging', 'running', 'exercise', 'run', 'workout', 'rennen', 'dauerlauf', '🏃')
topics['relaxing'] = ('relaxing', 'sitting', 'relaxation', 'entspannen', 'innehalten', 'erholen', 'ausruhen', 'recreation')
# meeting with friends, this can encompass a group of activities
# note that we use 'meeting'; in green-space land use, this likely hints to meeting with friends, not within work environment
topics['friends'] = ('friends', 'friends', 'meeting', 'socialize', 'freunde', 'treffen', 'hang around', 'abhängen')
# anything related to family and kinder/kids
topics['family'] = ('family', 'familie', 'kinder', 'baby', 'familienausflug', 'familytrip', '👪')
# tourist/sighseeing group
topics['tourist'] = ('tourist', 'sighseeing', 'sehenswürdigkeit', 'excursion', 'exkursion', 'sight-seeing', 'tour', 'travel', 'reise', '🌇')
# very general: spielen/playing
topics['playing'] = ('spielen', 'playing', 'play', 'spiel', 'game', '🎲', '🎮')
# lets add some specific activities: picknick-grillen, soccer ..
topics['picnic']  = ('picnic', 'barbecure', 'picknick', 'picknickkorb', 'grillen', 'grill')
topics['soccer'] = ('soccer', 'fussball', 'fußball', 'football', '⚽')